Working group on consideration of the Election Code considered 180 amendments on its 8 October regular meeting. In particular, the Group supported amendments from Civil Network OPORA concerning the right of observers to attend party congresses dedicated to nomination of candidates for MPs.

MPs Oleksandr Chernenko and Ruslan Sydotovych, as well as member of the group Viktor Zalizniuk, assistants to MPs, and representatives of the public attended the meeting.

Thus, the Working Group considered articles #339-343 and amendments to them #1950-2129, which concern the formation and activities of election commissions for a parliamentary election, procedure for nomination and requirements for registration of MP candidates, electoral lists and the procedure for holding a party congress.

The amendments also include the right of official observers to attend an event dedicated to nomination of candidates without a permit or invitation from organizers.

The next meeting of the Working Group is scheduled for 12 October, at 10:00 AM at the address 3a Sadova St., office 916a. The consideration starts with amendment #2130.

We would like to remind that this working group doesn't have a regulation for its activities and, therefore, there is no quorum or voting. However, it is important that each member attends the meetings, to consider all 4,400 as soon as possible and further the consideration of Election Code.

Based on the consideration results, the working group will provide its recommendations to the VRU Committee on Judicial Policy and Justice. The Committee, for its part, will consider on its meeting the recommendations and give its opinion on the draft Election Code for the second reading in Parliament.

It should be mentioned, that 251 amendments were considered by the group of Sub-committee on Elections and Referendums of the VRU Committee on Judicial Policy and Justice. The previous consideration of amendments in this group started on 21 December. On 28 February, VRU Committee on Judicial Policy and Justice had approved the working group to prepare draft Election Code of Ukraine for the second reading (#3112-1). On the second meeting, held on 4 April, the membership of this official working group was approved. It has 24 persons, including 22 current MPs and two experts, who participated in the development of other draft Election Codes.

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