Parliamentary by-election campaign in Ukraine is quite competitive, and offers a range of political alternatives for the voters to choose from. At the same time, the correlation of active and inactive candidates shows that so-called technical candidates prevail in number over the real ones. These technical candidates played an important role in formation of PECs and, therefore, mutual oversight of election participants in this commissions is hazarded.


Based on the reports of OPORA's observers, preparatory meetings and beginning of the voting process in 17 July 2016 parliamentary by-election in Ukraine occurred in accordance with the law and in a calm atmosphere. The voters are able to vote at any polling station without hindrance. However, there were some organizational difficulties and conflicts at some PECs.


Speaking about the major trends of parliamentary by-election in 7 districts, we should mention that so-called technical candidates prevail in number over the real candidates. Besides that, visits of national politicians to electoral districts, incidents of indirect bribery and misuse of administrative resources became more frequent as the election day gets closer.


Протягом нинішньої передвиборчої кампанії спостерігачі ОПОРИ вже неодноразово зверталися з заявами до правоохоронців про можливе вчинення порушень виборчого законодавства. Протягом двох тижнів належної реакції працівників Жовтневого відділення поліції так і не дочекалися.

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