У селі Мушкатівка Борщівської громади дільнична виборча комісія дозволила низці виборців голосувати за місцем їх перебування, себто вдома. При цьому підставою стала лише їхня заява, а медичних довідок, які б підтвердили необхідність голосувати вдома, надано не було, – повідомляють спостерігачі ОПОРИ.  


This OPORA report includes evaluation of the quality of election procedures and the overall election campaign; it was performed by OPORA’s official observers in October-November 2016.


The unusually low level of pre-election activity on the part of potential and registered candidates participating in election process, isolated cases of violation of legal requirements by candidates, public conflict between supporters and opponents of integration of territorial communities – such are the peculiarities of first elections in the united territorial communities scheduled for December 11 and December 18, 2016, which were recorded by public observers of Civil Network OPORA in October – November, 2016.


One of the most important factors of efficient management of the first local elections in the united territorial communities is the proper operation of the territorial election commissions, which are authorized to create single-mandate election districts or territorial election districts in order to held the elections of the people’s deputies for the relevant village, township and city councils, to register candidates and their agents, authorized representatives, representatives of local party organizations or to take the decisions about the cancellation of their registration; to approve the text and ensure the production of voting papers, to register the official observers; to make the voting results reports. 


11 та 18 грудня на Полтавщині пройдуть перші вибори у чотирьох територіальних громадах. Станом на 1 листопада вже утворена одна територіальна виборча комісія Сергіївської сільської громади, де вибори мають відбутися 11 грудня.  


Representatives of civil society, expert community, media and members of Ukrainian Parliament have learned about opinions of candidates for members of the Central Election Commission concerning important election administration issues, as well as reforming of the CEC and electoral system as a whole.


The Parliament should immediately consider termination of office of the twelve commissioners with the expired terms and, subsequently, consider the President’s slate of nominees. Once the new CEC composition is approved by Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada should consider the amendments to the Constitution and to the Law on the Central Election Commission that seek to strengthen the independence of the Commission and enforce Commissioners to hold their posts and observe the legally established terms of office.  


According to OPORA's data received in June – beginning of September 2016 there were 422 pre-trial investigations initiated under Articles 157-160 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine during 2016 regular local elections. Most of pre-trial investigations concerned voter bribery – 159 investigations, Article 160 of the CrCU; impeding the free exercise of voting rights, activities of election commissions and official observers – 97 investigations, Article 157.


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