The main reason why members of precinct election commissions made mistakes, abused their authority or violated the law was negligent attitude to their duties, and either poor knowledge or incapability to apply it in practice.


Each population group, which is changing the place of residence, like internally displaced persons, labor migrants, or individuals who have left their registration places, must have an opportunity to change the voting location. Therefore, NGO representatives and MPs are developing a legislative initiative called to secure realization of voting right by each citizen regardless of the residence. This issue was discussed on Thursday, 16 February, on a working meeting of NGO representatives, the CEC and the Parliament.


Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has made a statement concerning inadmissibility of ignoring the illegitimate voting on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol in the final report of the OSCE/ODIHR on Election Observation Mission in the Russian Federation State Duma elections.


Загальна мета проекту - це сприяти незворотним демократичним перетворенням в Україні, захисту виборчих прав та інтересів громадян і публічності виборчої адміністрації шляхом реалізації масштабної виборчої реформи і посилення позицій громадянського суспільства у політичному діалозі щодо виборів на конфліктних територіях 

The voting process in the first local elections, held on December 18, was accompanied by the same typical abusive practices as during previous elections, namely violation of voting procedure, obstruction of observers’ activity, falsification of election documents and presence of unauthorized persons at the polling stations.


The first local elections in the united territorial communities, scheduled for December 18, 2016, were mostly held in compliance with legal requirements and in observance of the principle of competitiveness. The abusive practices, recorded by Civil Network OPORA observers, weren’t large-scale or pre-planned, but still these violations should be duly investigated for the purpose of observance of the principle of inevitability of punishment for crimes against electoral rights of citizens. The common problems recorded in the course of election campaign and on Election Day once again actualize the need for increasing the level of legal culture and awareness among voters and improving professional abilities of members of election commissions, as well as the need for strengthening preventive action and ensuring prompt police response to electoral violations. Implementation of these measures should be combined with a comprehensive reform of the electoral legislation.


Про це повідомила Наталія Висіканець, координатор громадського спостереження ОПОРИ за виборами у Чернігівській області, під час прес-конференції про підсумки спостереження за ходом виборчих перегонів та днем голосування, 18 грудня, у об’єднаних територіальних громадах.


На Вінниччині у Тульчинському районі спостерігачами ОПОРИ було зафіксовано факт видачі бюлетеня без пред’явлення паспорта.


У Миколаївській області в неділю, 18 грудня, проходять перші вибори депутатів та голів об’єднаних громад. Вибори відбуваються у 14 громадах: Куцурубській (Очаківський район), Кам’яномостівській (Первомайський район), Ольшанській, Нечаянській  та Веснянській (Миколаївський район), Доманівській (Доманівський район), Бузькій (Вознесенський район), Шевченківській, Галицинівській  та Воскресенській (Вітовський район), Веселинівській (Веселинівський район), Коблівській (Березанський район), Благодатненській (Арбузинський район) та Баштанській (Баштанський район). 1 117 кандидатів у депутати  та 62 кандидати у міські, селищні, сільські голови балотуються у 14 громадах.


The first local elections in the united territorial communities, scheduled for December 11, 2016, were held in compliance with Ukrainian laws and international standards for elections, while the election campaigns of candidates for the most part adhered to the principle of competitiveness. According to observers, there were no pre-planned or systematic violations recorded in the majority of territorial communities, although the election process in some of these communities didn’t fully comply with legal requirements and relevant standards. All the violations, which were committed in the first local elections held on December 11, 2016, were duly documented by Civil Network OPORA, and our organization will ensure adequate control on relevant investigations carried out by law enforcement agencies. The experience of first local elections once again actualizes the urgent need for comprehensive electoral reform in Ukraine, given the fact that shortcomings of legislation and its application has been a typical problem in the course of many election campaigns.


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