According to the data gathered by OPORA's observers, deployed to polling stations selected by a representative sampling, the nationwide voter turnout as of 4:00 PM of November 15 is 26.4% (margin of error ±0.9%). It should be mentioned that the turnout was higher in 9.6% on 25 October – 36% (margin of error ±0.7%).


Minister of Internal Affair of Ukraine Arsen Avakov has informed the public about this fact. Thus, Shevchenkivskyi Court in Chernivtsi took a decision to bring the students of Chernivtsi National University to responsibility on 9 November. The students were convicted under Article 160 of the Criminal Code (voter bribery) to three years of imprisonment with a probation period of one year. The sentence has not entered into force yet, as long as it may be appealed against.


"I'm not a serf to be given with the land." - The Russian court heard from Crimean director Oleh Sentsov who is being under remand now in Moscow taken into custody on fabricated charges. The "rooting" of occupation government in Crimea proved that few representatives of political elite on the peninsula follow similar principles of self-respect.


On 25 May 2014, Mayoral elections were held in Chernivtsi. Candidate from local organization of AUU Batkivshchyna Oleksii Kaspruk has won with 53.97% of votes. On June 6, Civil Network OPORA sent an inquiry to the Chernivtsi City Territorial Election Commission requesting to provide copies of financial reports on the use of electoral funds by candidates. On June 13, OPORA received an access to financial reports of candidates for Chernivtsi city mayor.


On 13 June, the third meeting of Chernivtsi City Territorial Election Commission (CTEC) was held, during which the approval of Oleksandr Madei as the Member of Chernivtsi City Council was considered one more time. In result of the meeting, the CTEC recognized Mr. Madei was elected and registered him as the councilor in correspondence with the Law on Local Elections.


On June 14, Chercasy District Administrative Court has satisfied the appeal of Cherkasy local organization of the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and repealed the resolution of Cherkasy City Election Commission as of 6/10/2014 "On determination of the results of elections to Cherkasy City Council in multi-mandate election district".


New territorial election commission has determined the final results of local elections. Today, 28 elected councilors and rating of parties whose candidates were elected by party lists are already known. However, re-count continues in two single-mandate majoritarian election districts.


On 10 June, Chernivtsi City Territorial Election Commission (CTEC) has repeatedly considered the approval of Oleksandr Madei as the Member of Chernivtsi City Council. We remind that Oleksandr Madei was the second in party list of the Party of Regions after Vitalii Mykhailishyn, who refused to take the office. Approval of the latter on the councilor position was already considered during commission meeting on 5 June. However, the issue wasn't resolved. It was explained by the fact that Oleksandr Madei has just leaved the Party of Regions.


Cherkasy City Election Commission has recognized Serhii Odarych (the Party of Free Democrats) elected as city mayor. 10 of 18 members of the TEC voted for this decision. The Commission determined voting results without results of 5 polling stations, which were considered void.  


In Cherkasy, debates regarding the dissolution of the territorial election commission (TEC) and allocation of quotas for members of new TEC. 

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