According to the parallel vote tabulation conducted by OPORA on the basis of PEC preliminary protocols on vote count at polls, candidate SERHII BEREZENKO, nominated by the Solidarity Petro Poroshenko Block political party, has won with 33.59% of votes. HENNADII KORBAN, nominated by the Ukrainian Union of Patriots – UKROP party, is on the second place with 13.81% of votes. The third place with 7.73% of votes, according to the results of parallel vote tabulation, was taken by VOLODYMYR ZUB, supported by the Samopomich Union party. IHOR ANDRIICHENKO (Democratic Alliance) has received 7.48% of votes. Self-nominated candidate MYKOLA ZVIERIEV was supported by 7.15% of voters.  6.53% of voters gave their votes to ANDRII MISHCHENKO, nominated by the AUU Svoboda.


  OPORA had been monitoring the overall situation in district #205 on the election day, and watched whether precinct election commissions adhere to the main electoral procedures.


According to OPORA's activists, police ordered to close windows at polls #741025 in assembly hall of a hostel located at 8 Henerala Bielova St., due to possible provocations. The same situation occurred at polling station #741027 (Institute of Economics and Management, 4 Henerala Bielova St.).  


According to the data gathered by the OPORA, 26.7% of voters have managed to cast their votes in single-member district #205 as of 4 p.m.


  A man was noticed at polling station #741025 in assembly hall of a hostel located at 8 Henerala Bielova St., who tried to register as a journalist from different publications. Firstly, he registered as a journalist from the Dnipropetrovska Panorama, and later – from the Visti Prydnistrovia. The journalist came to polls accompanied by a man who was supposed to control whether his colleague is registered. However, observers had a suspicion because another editorial certificate was used, and one of them called law-enforcement bodies.


As of 5:45 p.m., OPORA's activists have detected more than 12 incidents when voters took pictures of their ballots. For example, three incidents were reported to the police in polling station #740997. If two of them, persons who took the pictures were detained, a report was drawn up, explanations were demanded, and phones were confiscated. Observers and commission members were witnesses. In one case, a voter who took a picture of his marked ballot, promptly gave his phone to his five. Thus, police had to release him.


  OPORA detects pictures of ballots taken again: polling station #741046 (Center for work with children, 5 Volkovycha St.).  


  MPs of Ukraine Borys Filatov (non-faction), Andrii Lozovyi (Radical Party) and Oleksiy Honcharenko (Petro Poroshenko Block) have arrived to the polling station #741004 together with “journalists” (Lyceum 22, sports hall, 45B Rokossovskoho St.). They say they came because someone had informed that protocols could be filled in.


OPORA's representative have noticed a number of election law violations at polling station #741033 (173 Pershoho Travnia St.), what became a ground for the commission to deprive her the right to stay in the polling place. 


  During by-election in district #205, OPORA's activists have noticed two tricks with ballot papers. At polling station #741023 (nursery school #4, 134 Henerala Pukhova St.), a voter attempted to leave the polls with his ballot. The voter tried to throw a fake ballot to the ballot box and hide a real ballot. However, commission member have noticed that this attempt and called the police. The voter is detained, waiting for an operational-investigative group.

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